Seder Plate


Pesach 5778 (Passover 2018)

First Seder: Friday, March 31 

Second Seder: Saturday, April 1 at Berith Sholom 5pm 

(by reservation, watch this space)

Enjoy a delicious meal, good company, and
the new hagaddah created by Rabbi Gordon



The congregation is also invited to join TJCRS for a pre-Pesach Chocolate Seder

on March 25, 11-noon!

Each year at Berith Sholom, we hold a community seder, replete with beautiful seder plates at each table, and a delicious meal cooked by several of the great cooks we are lucky to have as congregants.  From soup to nuts, and finally the afikomen, we go home with full stomachs and strains of Dayenu going through our heads.