Friday Night Lively! 

Friday, MAY 18th
6 p.m.
Torah discussion is BaMidbar
Join us for Friday Night Lively!, a pot luck Shabbos dinner, without formal Friday upstairs services. We will offer blessings, enjoy our vegetarian dinner, sing and include our prayers for healing and Kaddish. BERITH SHOLOM Is Peanut Free!


Saturday May 19th, 2018


Shavuot Study Session

‚Äč7 pm in the Benjamin Social Hall


Congregation Berith Sholom

Our discussion topic is Zikaron (Remembering)
and will be led by Rabbi Gordon

Zikaron: What does Torah say about memory?
How do the practices in Jewish (and other) cultures help us to remember?
How do you wish to be remembered, & shape your own legacy?

Please bring a dairy dessert to share if you can - All are welcome!

*Shavuot celebrates receiving the Ten Commandments & by extension, the whole Torah.
 Jewish mystics began the custom of celebrating by studying all night;
we will spend an hour or two.


Torah Commentary

Ten Minutes of Torah