(Partial) Free Trade

NAFTA has put more than a million Mexican farmers out of business. They can’t compete.

But when those same farmers (and others) try to come north looking for work, they’re refused, sent back, taken advantage of, criminalized, sometimes die in the attempt. The borders are open for sellers, closed for workers.

I remember hearing somewhere that the news of owners and employers is usually characterized as economic/trade/business news, while the news of labor and workers is not usually so designated or included. But producing and selling is only part of the economic cycle; working and earning are integral parts too. Ask your favorite economist; they’ll tell you.

The North American PARTIALLY Free Trade Act, I guess. The North American Supply-Side Only Free Trade Act.

Funny how we don’t notice these things until somebody makes a point of pointing it out. In this case, I heard the info about Mexican farmers in a book report on WAMC‘s Round Table this morning, and made the connection.