Pre-Holocaust Photographs

A collection found in the wall of a house in Chelm, Poland. 180 photographs which had been hidden there before or during the war. Only two siblings survived, and though their brother had told family members about hiding the album, no one had returned after the war to see if anything had survived.

The family was identified, the album was returned (six hours before the death of one of the two surviving siblings, the album was brought to her by her two sons!), and the site YNet has posted 100 of the photographs depicting unidentified family friends. They are a beautiful window into the life of young Polish Jews before the war. See them here (opens in a new window so you can browse. Note that the thumbnails are “excerpts” from each picture, focussing on the faces; the pictures themselves show more).

I am especially intrigued by the photo a little more than half-way down which shows a rabbi or cantor surrounded by soliders. A Jewish chaplain in the Polish army? Very possibly.

Take a look.