The show was called “The View” and the guest was named Natalie Portman. You probably know who she is; I’d heard of her, that’s all. Nice face, even if airbrushed-perfect.

They were talking about micro-credit and Muhammad Yunis (see good article here at Ms. Portman gave an example of a woman she met in Uganda recently. 10 years ago, the woman lived on 87 cents a day and was regularly beaten by her husband for having only daughters — 10 of them. She received a $50 loan and started a roadside food stand. Today she owns a restaurant which employs 7 other women in her village.

“Did she get rid of the husband?” the women on the show wanted to know. Yes she did. As a successful entrepreneur she was no longer dependent on her husband for her survival or that of the children.

And there you have it, folks. Economically empowering women DOES attack traditional cultures and destroy traditional family values. Like beating your wife.