Farm Pictures

This is one of the big roosters. Click on the picture and you can see him full size.  This picture is a month or so old, and he’s grown since then; he’s the biggest, and meanest too.  He doesn’t bother me, because he knows that if he comes too close I’ll chase him and pick him up. But he pecks my sons on the legs, which scares them because he’s almost as big as they are.

Fancy gold and black rooster

Here is the fancy rooster, who also picks on my sons. Squirt guns and the new English Shepherd puppy seem to be helping. We weren’t supposed to have gotten any roosters, but we ended up with four.

The chicken coop at evening:


The goat barn just before sunset:

Goat Barn at sunset

I promise to take some goat pictures sometime soon. The old goat, Sandi, is getting nearer to kidding; there are a couple of ways to tell. Could be tomorrow, could be in a few days. Could be tonight, I suppose, though it doesn’t seem like she’s that close.

Do I sound like I know what I’m doing? I don’t. I’ve just read and re-read everything we’ve got, and talked with two or three people. Fortunately goats have been doing this for thousands of years, with or without human help! I just keep thinking of Biblical Jacob, who kept sheep and goats and whose flocks increased year after year; though the text does suggest that he worked pretty hard. (See Genesis 31:38.)

It’s been suggested that we get out the baby monitor and put it into the barn. But that supposes that we’ll know what it sounds like when the kidding begins! And that the signal will travel that far. But I suppose I shall try it, maybe tomorrow, just to see if it works.