The Jew in the Barn

The Jew in the barn uses a plastic two-handled netilat yadayim cup to milk out colostrum from a first-freshener. You might be milking one-handed because her teats are small and it’s easier to work on one at a time and hold the cup up close. The two-handled netilat yadayim cup is made exactly for the purpose of switching your grip from one hand to the other easily.

The Jew in the barn has to remember to take her kipah off before going to the barn so that the friendly goat won’t nibble on it, while I’m sitting on a milk crate and bottle-feeding the babies.

The Jew on the farm is grateful that her property and the acreage behind it are hayed by a Seventh Day Adventist farmer. He, like us, respects Friday night and Saturday as the Sabbath. So on Shabbat, we don’t have to worry about tractors or other heavy, noisy equipment trundling down the road adjacent to our property or out in the beautiful fields beyond.

I imagine that this will be an on-going collection of observations. I think I’ll put it on its own page so you can always look at the whole thing if you like.