Out of the Mouths of Babes

I was explaining to New Oldest Child, age 9, the basic difference between Judaism and Christianity. “For someone your age, the biggest difference is about Jesus. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God, right?” I asked. That’s what he’d said earlier, so I knew I was on safe ground there. “Yes,” he replied.

“Well, Jews believe that all people are God’s children.” With all due respect for the Christian mystery that God took on human flesh and participated in human life, I needed to make clear where Judaism differs. “We don’t believe that God chose one of God’s children to be more special than all the rest.”

And then, God bless him, Wise Child (who, at 5 and a half, has been coming out with some VERY perceptive one-line comments lately) piped up from the back seat, “Yeah, because that wouldn’t be fair.” I was astonished and delighted.  And momentarily speechless.

Turns out, I found out later, that he’d been feeling like someone else was getting all the special attention that morning.  “That’s right,” I said, and couldn’t think of a single thing more that needed to be said.