Special Israel program upcoming

OK, this is unabashed PR. But it’s an opportunity to reflect on the area of western Jerusalem which encompasses the founding political visionary of the modern state of Israel, Theodore Herzl; the Shoah (aka Holocaust), the catastrophe that immediately preceded the founding of the state and contributed to the world’s sense of urgency; and Israel’s military cemetery, which represents both the willingness to fight and the terrible losses that the young state has endured.

Har Herzel – A Virtual Tour of Israel: On March 9th, two young leaders are scheduled to arrive from Israel, to begin ten days of programs that will share their love of Israel through creative educational programming, song and stories. Please join these two shlichim for Har Herzel: A Virtual Tour”. This program is being sponsored jointly by Berith Sholom and the Nassau Synagogue and Jewish Community Center on Thursday, March 13 at 7:30pm at Berith Sholom, 167 Third Street, Troy, NY. Refreshments will be served and the program is open to all.

Har Herzel (Mt. Herzl) is where Theodore Herzl is buried, along with David Ben-Gurion, Golda MeirYitzchak (and Leah) Rabin, and many other notable leaders of the Jewish state. The national military cemetery, a very beautiful and green place full of trees, covers the slopes of the hill. There are memorials scattered throughout. Read a description of the cemetery or look at these photographs of the graves: #1 #2 #3

I don’t actually know if the program will focus on Har Herzl or all of Israel. Should be worthwhile and moving either way.

Read on to learn about the presenters and JERNY, the sponsoring organization.

Mike Feuer made aliyah to Israel in 2002 after completing a Masters degree at Brandeis University. His thesis centered on Israel’s Water Development Strategy. He has extensive training and work experience in outdoor education, EMT certification and Judaic Studies. Yosef Sukenik made aliyah to Israel when he was fifteen years old. He will graduate this year with a Bachelor of Science degree. Yosef has extensive teaching experience with youth programs for foreign students in Israel and in the Untied States and Australia and has taught and served in the IDF Search & Rescue Unit.

The Tour of Shlichim is a joint project of Jewish Educational Resources of NY (JERNY) and the Yad Yaakov Fund, based in Israel. JERNY is a not for profit organization dedicated to enriching the intellectual, spiritual and religious lives of Jews regardless of background or affiliation. JERNY’s programs are partially funded by the United Jewish Federation of Northeastern NY.

For a complete schedule of appearances of the shlichim, go to www.JERNY.org, or contact Liz Gellis at lgellis@JERNY.org or at 518 459-0065. For questions or directions, please contact Berith Sholom at 272-8872 or by email.