The Fifth Child

At the Capital District Women’s Seder last week, we saluted (as usual) 4 women representing “The Four Daughters”: The Wise Daughter, the Rebellious Daughter, the Simple Daughter, and the One Who Does Not Know How to Ask — or, as this year, the one who saved others’ voices from oblivion. But somehow I got to thinking of who else might be at the table. What other daughters (or sons) might there be?

The Wise Child, the Wicked Child, the Simple Child, the One Who Does Not Know How to Ask … and the Playful Child!

Who else is missing? I challenge you! It has to be clearly distinct from the classic four.

Note that the Four Children (or Sons) of the seder are based on 4 times that Torah mentions either your child asking about what you’re doing in celebrating Pesach (Passover), or explaining it to him (her). I’m going to go looking for a verse or two to suggest the presence of the Playful Child. Bonus points for finding a verse to connect with your “Child”!