Happy Thanksgiving

My big boys are playing penny hockey!

Oh, I know I haven’t published in weeks. I have written a post about PRESIDENT-ELECT! Obama but not reviewed and edited and posted it. I have all sorts of little ideas that I haven’t wanted to write till I wrote about Obama. So what do I finally write about? Penny hockey.

We’re waiting in the Concourse under Empire State Plaza to deliver Tgiv meals with Equinox. It’s a long line–can be an hour wait or more. [Later note: 2 and a half hours!]  So I gave them 6 pennies, showed them how to make a goal with their hands, & gave them the rule that every shot has to go between the two other pennies.

They, of course, took it to a whole ‘nother level, rolling around on the floor and shooting wildly. They are boys. My friend Julie Landau and I used to play it on the kitchen floor of my house in Evanston–I think she introduced it to me–and it was a much smaller, calmer game. We’re girls. And this wide, polished floor just invites sliding around–both the pennies and the boys.

So I have just passed on a piece of my childhood to my children. I’ll have to remember to tell them the story that goes with it, brief as it is.

And I’m also passing on a value: Going out if your way to help. Tikkun olam. We come down here every year–I think this is our 4th or 5th–to spend 3 or 4 hours (total) making our Tgiv mean something more than our own food and our own family and friends. A fiddler came by a few minutes ago and livened the place up; I danced in place. The line is moving well and we’ve already seen one son’s Math teacher & her husband. I know that somewhere, Jewish Federation volunteers from the young adult leadership group are participating as part of Mitzvah Day, and at least one congregant family sends Dad and kids to do this. I don’t understand why I don’t see more Jews here; it’s a perfect Jewish mitzvah, on a holiday modelled after Sukkot (during which we are commanded to share our food with the poor), plus it gets the non-cooking members of the family out of the house all morning. Join us next year! Call Equinox in November.