You can’t close the door forever

I heard on the BBC news this morning (via WAMC) that there’s a furor in Iran over imported Israeli citrus fruit.  It’s apparently been for sale in boxes marked “China” imported through Dubai.

I understand that if it were my own country, with a philosophical (?) objection to another county, I might not find it so amusing that my citizens were supporting something I/we disapproved of.  But I’m a Jew and a proud supporter of Israel, and citrus is one of its signature crops.  And this is the kind of thing that really fulfills the best of my expectations about human beings:  That real day-to-day quality is more important than abstract hatreds.

Of course you could also point to this as an example of consumers not caring about the politics behind their purchasing decisions.  Or their being hoodwinked.  But for today I’ll just enjoy it as an example of common sense winning out over nonsense.

By the way, I can’t find a reference to this on NPR or BBC websites, and wasn’t able to Google it.  But I heard it twice and comfirmed it with someone else, so I trust my memory even if it doesn’t seem to exist in cyberspace.  Or maybe I just need to try a different set of search terms.  But if “Israel Iran citrus China Dubai” didn’t do it, what would??