Technology for Rabbis

At the Brickner Seminar listening to Sean Thibault, the RAC‘s Communications Director.

Ever heard of HootSuite?  I hadn’t, and it’s a couple years old already.  Manage all your social networks and blogs from one place.  Not only is it a central location for publishing and listening, but it has a crucial tool:  A SCHEDULER.  How often have I written something but not wanted to send it yet?  (Or to remind myself later?)

One rabbi sits down and writes 2 weeks of daily “Torah gems” and they go out religiously.  (Of course, pun intended.)

One could send stuff out for Shabbat — the Torah portion, for instance — written whenever one has time.  One could send out stuff *on* Shabbat (when, apparently, Facebook traffic goes way down) and tag it “Written before Shabbat and scheduled for later delivery.”

Video yourself delivering a drash or invitation or talking about an exciting new thing, or do the “ShabbatCast” announcing what’s going on this Shabbat; schedule it to be posted close to the time of the event.  (Thank you R. Michael Latz of Shir Tikva in Minneapolis.)

I’m going to have to join Twitter, too — apparently quite popular with post-college to age 30.  If it’s good enough for His Holiness the Dalai Lama…  Though as someone across the room just pointed out, Buddhists tend to talk less than Jews, so getting it down to 140 characters might be a challenge for us…!  OK, I’ve joined Twitter.

If you are webstreaming services, you can tweet about it (pre-scheduled of course) …  (Here’s the web page for Congregation Bet Chayim Chadashim is Los Angeles which won a “Best Practices” award from the Reform Movement for its live streaming.  Hint hint.  We have two congregants who are very interested already; I think it’s just a matter of time.)