Order in the Universe

I’ve been waiting more than 4 years for this day. We finally found the remote control for one of our small CD player systems, and I can set the day and time, which have been blinking ever since we moved into this house.

It’s a small thing. There are plenty of other clocks. But it’s been frustrating, because as far as I can figure out, there’s no way to set the time from the controls on the actual machine, only using the remote. I had resigned myself to eternal (ok, long-term) blinking.

Alice Walker wrote, and I remember reading on a calendar I had in college:

I notice that it is only when my mother is working in her flowers that she is radiant, almost to the point of being invisible except as Creator: hand and eye. She is involved in work her soul must have. Ordering the universe in the image of her personal conception of Beauty.

(The original article appeared in Ms. Magazine in 1974.)

Astronomer Bob Berman and doctor Robert Lanza wrote a book in which they posit that time is just conscious beings’ way of organizing the universe. It’s a lovely idea, one I hope to have time to explore more in-depth in the future (assuming time actually exists).

In the meantime (there is is again), I shall appreciate the beauty and order of having the blinking day and time replaced with the orderly progression of minutes, hours, and days on my CD player’s display.