Words for the Last Day of First Session, Crane Lake 2011

Crane Lake Camp - last day first session 2011

Rabbi Tzadok haKohen from Lublin (so says the website) says:

We humans chase over the world to find things. We climb high mountains, we descend to the nethermost depths of the sea, we trek to the wilderness and to the desert. There is one place where we neglect to search – our heart. But it is there we will find God.

By the Chadar Ochel, Crane Lake Camp

Reb Deb says, at morning t’filah (prayer):

Here at CLC first session 2011, you’ve been all over. You’ve climbed to the heights in high ropes. You’ve gone deep to the bottom of the pool. You’ve trekked all over and had amazing adventures, in camp and out.

Tomorrow, for many of us, those adventures will end for another year. We won’t have our bunk, our friends, our counselors, the lake, the animals, the chadar ochel (dining hall), dancing on Shabbat, and all the other things that make this a unique adventure.

So look in your heart.  Crane Lake will be there. Bring Crane Lake right into your heart, and carry it with you wherever you go.