More about Gilad Shalit’s release

NPR had a report today about back-channel communication that took place over the past 6 years between a spokesman for the Prime Minister in Gaza and Israeli Gershon Baskin. Read it here.

Gershon Baskin came to speak at a JStreet event a year and a half ago. He was in the sanctuary of our synagogue, speaking about the two-decades-long professional contacts he’s had with Palestinians. A member of the audience came up to him afterwards and proclaimed quite vehemently that “they” don’t want peace. Her daughter sits on an Israeli Municipal Council and she heard it from her daughter.

Well, it turned out that Gershon Baskin knew the daughter too, and he politely differed with the daughter’s analysis.

So just add this into your understanding of how things get done. And if you’re interested, see my first post about Gilad Shalit.