We are all always coming and going

Saturday night I captured a bat that was flying around Youngest Daughter’s room after second Seder. We’ve decided it must be one of the many guises of אליהו הנביא Elijah the Prophet.  After she got over her heebie-jeebies she took some pictures of it and we let it go into the night.Eliyahu the bat

Yesterday the chicks arrived and most of them were quite active under the brooder outside. A few didn’t seem so vigorous so they came inside. In trying to balance enough water to last the night with keeping them warm and dry, I think I erred on the side of too deep, and last night a bedraggled little chick died in my hands as I was trying to warm it.  Sigh.  The rest are well.

Tonight I came down for a snack and noticed water on the kitchen floor. The cats had finally tipped over the Beta. Like a bit of leaf he was lying on the floor; in the half-light I didn’t even recognize him as fish. But when I put my hand out to check, he flopped, and back in he went. Now safely back on top of the refrigerator, where his only danger is starvation if we forget to feed him.

We are all always coming and going.