Adult Education Committee:  Develops and administers adult education programming by providing both informal and formal Judaic education.

Building Committee: Provides oversight of the maintenance, including preventive and long-term capital replacement, of the physical plant. The committee oversees the exterior of the building and premises, including the garden and sidewalks, and arranges for snow removal.

Cemetery & Burials Committee:  Responsible for the oversight of Congregation Berith Sholom’s cemetery properties and recommending to the board any policies relative to the sale of plots and the interment of members and non-members.

Finance Committee: Charged with the duty of proposing an annual budget and projecting the annual income and expenditures to the board of trustees for approval. The committee also annually reviews and makes recommendations to the board regarding members’ standing and changes to their financial commitments. The committee reviews Congregation Berith Sholom’s investments quarterly.

Lev B’lev Committee: Implements Congregation Berith Sholom’s commitment to the spiritual, emotional, practical and financial support of its members.

Membership Committee: Responsible for seeking, welcoming and integrating new members to Congregation Berith Sholom. The committee also organizes, in conjunction with the Ritual Committee, the New Member Shabbat and any other welcoming services.

Music Committee: Reports to both the choir and the board of trustees any information regarding the choir’s duties and other music programs. The music liaison provides the board with budget projections during budget development.

Ritual Committee: In conjunction with the Rabbi, considers and makes recommendations to the trustees any suggested changes in the ritual and observances of the synagogue. This committee also oversees the organization and preparation for High Holidays and all festival services, as well as Shabbat.

Tikkun Olam Committee: Implements the commitment of Congregation Berith Sholom to provide assistance to the community, including collection of food, clothing and eyeglasses; providing means  to local homeless shelters. This committee is also the conduit for social advocacy in the wider community.

Youth Education Committee: Charged with providing the youth of Congregation Berith Sholom both formal and informal means of Judaic education, including youth activities and the  Troy Jewish Community Religious School. The committee also acts as a liaison between youth programs, parents, teachers and the trustees.